Sunday, March 4, 2012

New prices for 2012

With the  high value Aussie dollar a lot of the products we use have come down in price.This has been mainly driven by suppliers being able to deliver lower prices .

Strangely some prices have gone up but that is more to world demand in those products i.e Carbon and Kevlar has gone up by a staggering 30% in the last 6 months 

So rather than hang onto that extra money our selves we have decided to pass these savings onto customers resulting in considerably lower prices for the next few months or the Aussie dollar drops in value .
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Nadgee Bombora LV  standard with skeg ..$ 2550

Nadgee Expedition no rudder or skeg ... $ 2950.00.. Skeg an extra $350.00 ..rudder an extra $450.00

Nadgee Solo  standard is now ..$3900 inc rudder

Ice Breaker layup in Kevlar is now $850.00

Light right and mean Carbon  $950

Light and easy unchanged at $650.00

That makes a lot of the kayaks seem pretty expensive especially the over seas brands and you have to ask your selves why are there so expensive compared to these......same question I always ask my self !!

Beat that all.

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