Thursday, March 29, 2012

Coastal Roaming

I was with some friends discussing what we do when some one asked what is your favourite past time.I thought long and hard and came up with a pretty good slogan for my: down time, relaxation, adventure pumping fitness related activities  that I like to participate in and came up with
 "I like to COASTAL ROAM "
as a concept I love it as you can often find myself and my family just hanging out anywhere along the coast  near the ocean somewhere just Coastal Roaming

Often it will involve getting some tucker(food) for lunch or dinner and foraging is becoming a great past time of ours. I have just introduced my son into free diving and at age 9 he's hooked.This so fits in with his love of water sports.He loves being in a kayak ( not so much the paddling side of it yet ) and exploring the coast,surfing,Nippers (Surf Life Saving Australia) Fishing and just playing on the beach...Oh and starting the fire on the beach to cook the fish

He managed to get his first Abalone not long ago and last weekend whilst we were coastal roaming to some of our favourite dive spots he had a go at spearfishing.

He did OK and scored a pan size Trevally on about his 100th shot : )

We ended up getting a good lunch meal between us and for the couple of hours we spent in the ocean,it was worth it.
I cant wait to go Coastal Roaming again 


Jerry said...

Coastal Roaming...I am borrowing your term for my own! I have a beach place at Santo Tomas (between Puerto Penasco and Puerto Lobos) in Sonora Mexico.Biking in the back to gather Cactus fruit,old jeep driving on La Costara to get fresh Cerveche at an Aqua Chili, or chasing schools of Corvina on my ATV it's all about Coastal Roaming...glad i made up the term!

Eastern Horizon said...

Yep - coastal roaming is a great description for a more contemplative and unstructured approach to being in this beautiful zone between land and seascapes.

... unhurried ...

... unplanned ...

... unlimited ...

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