Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our first bagging

Well we finally managed to Vacuum bag our first kayak,well the hull anyway.

We are selling this kayak on ebay at the moment if your interested

Its a great looking kayak with a custom gel coat paint job..a real one off 

It was quite a learning curve to get it right,we ended up getting the first attempt wrong and had to bin the bits we stuffed up but I was warned that the failure rate can be high when you first start this kind of process.

There are lots of new materials and products out there for composite manufacturing these days and I'm making the most of trialing these new processes/materials in out "skillup" with the new moulds.
I even have 4 kg of bamboo resin coming from the US to trial, I don't think I will be making any boats out of it but it will be great to play around with a product like that.

Well a few more of these out of each new mould will see NKA staff ramping up the technology and heading for our Vacuum infusion process .

The main reason for all of this is to produce the highest standard kayak we can but also to get ourselves out of the fumes that are produced with a hand layup.

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