Friday, June 10, 2011

Whats been doing

Well I have just come out of the shed for what seems an eternity...its been go go go since about November last year.
So what has NKA been doing, well,we are 90% through finishing off a new design single sea kayak.
Loosely based on the hull of a Nadgee Expedition but  we have totally redesigned the deck to include
  1. The most comfortable cockpit and thigh support
  2. New hatch configuration with Kajak sport 10' hatches front and back with a 3/4 day hatch utilizing the 8' hatch and lid 
  3. The now obligatory forward day hatch ( which I'm now a fan of as its so easy to get too,no more twisting and searching in the day hatch for those needed little bits and pieces)
  4. Options of skeg or rudder and still retain the ability to paddle in most conditions without either until required that is 
The next project that has come along recently has been a double sea kayak.

Like the single I'm about 90% along the way to completing this project.

Based on the Tassie twin double which is a fast stable and enjoyable sea kayak , I have moved the seating position so paddlers dont paddle clash whilst paddling.
Added a center hatch and added all those features that make Nadgee Kayaks a leader in kayak design and manufacture.

This is one double kayak that will stand out as a true double sea kayak.

There is lots of work getting a plug ready for molding.My fingers tips are so raw from sanding that I have to tape them up each morning to save them.

Its such hard work but very rewarding when the final product is ready for the market

Watch out world ..
Nadgee 2 double sea kayak on the market soon  and  the new Nadgee ........ ( I haven't decided on a name for the single yet )
They will be on an ocean near you soon !!

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